Every agency has a belief about what they do well, what drives their culture, what motivates their people – and what sets them apart. What drives us at Havas Worldwide Chicago is our passion for reinvigorating great American brands through cultural relevance.

Creative Ideas Fueled By Culture

Our secret weapon is an unmatched understanding of the American consumer. We deliver creative ideas rooted in deep consumer insights and the seismic trends shaping business and pop culture. We create groundbreaking strategies that not only drive awareness and sales, but catalyze movements—igniting cultural conversations, transforming logos into love marks, and turning commodity products into aspirational brands.

Building Lifestyle Brands

We live in an always-on, hyper-connected world, and creating meaningful connections with customers across channels is a daunting challenge for brands. We believe the key to creating a seamless, cross-channel experience is delivering relevant, purposeful content in the context of the customer journey. At the core, we pride ourselves on delivering breathtaking creative and concrete results. From Dos Equis to DISH, Keurig to Craftsman, we have a proven track record of transforming brands—and businesses—through fully integrated ecosystems that are designed to drive sales each day while building the brand over time.

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