Adele Renault is a painter of “realistic portraits of overlooked subject matter,” working on projects ranging in size from small canvases to wall-sized murals.

Her paintings of #CAMPTHEPIGEON are being featured in an upcoming gallery exhibition and sale at the Havas Annex, a millennial-focused cultural center located in Chicago’s West Town neighborhood, on Friday, November 6, from 7-10pm.

About the exhibit:

Some time ago, Adele stumbled upon an Instagram account of a pigeon called Camp. The description read “High-class Chicago pigeon. Discarded as an egg by window installers who destroyed the nest, then found by an unexpecting couple”—a fortuitous story recently covered in the Chicago Tribune.

Adele instantly became fan and follower of @campthepigeon and, over time, became friends with Camp’s surrogate parents.

Adele’s fascination for pigeons is nothing new, as she has painted the scruffy pigeons of San Francisco’s Tenderloin, racing pigeons from top breeders, and countless street pigeons from cities all over the world. Most of these works have been exhibited and sold in recent galleries, including, ‘Les Clochards Célestes’ (San Francisco) and ‘Pigeon Voyageur’ (Germany).

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 11.25.03 AM

The #CAMPTHEPIGEON exhibition consists of a series of portraits of Camp The Pigeon in a human, urban environment. On Instagram he can be seen standing on the edge of the laptop screen, taking a bath in the kitchen sink or hanging out on the dog’s head. This particular pigeon embodies what Adele always saw in street pigeons: their similarities with humans, striking attitude, and ability to flourish in an urban environment.

Both the artist and pigeon(!) will be present at the Annex’s gallery event.

More information:

Art Exhibition and Sale opens Friday 6 November 2015, 7-10pm.
On view from 6 November until 4 December 2015
ANNEX | 1620 W. Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

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