How to clean car ceiling

The ceiling mostly neglected part when it comes to washing and wiping the cars. Dust will get settled in all the components and parts if the car runs or keep it in the garage. Cigarette smoke also darks the ceiling as it is mostly fabric. The beverage can spray all over it when you open a can of soda. You can able to take care of the problem with a few steps that should be followed to clean the interior roof of a car.

Loosen the dirt

Some ceilings do not need deep cleaning. Just loosen up the dirt and then clean it with a microfiber towel or vacuum. Take a clean and dry microfiber towel and wipe the ceiling gently. Then clean and dry towel and wipe the ceiling gently. Cleaning car ceiling by darkening agents like cigarette smoke just by giving the ceiling one or two wipes.

Use foaming cleaner

Using of foam cleaner helps to get stains out of car ceiling. When the roof has more dirt then just discoloration the stains that don’t disappear with the vacuuming, In this case, a foaming cleaner is compulsory. Spray the cleaning solution lightly on the stained area and wiping up softly with a dry cloth.

Spray cleaner into a soft bristle brush

Use a cleaner from a reputed shop to ensure that it is safe for interior use. Wet the end of a small brush with a cleaning solution. By this way, you can have better control for interior use. Keep the vehicle door open and work in a well-ventilated area. Wear gloves while working with the cleaner to avoid any skin irritation.

clean the interior roof of a carWork the cleaner into lather on the spot

Just move the brush in a small circle so that the cleaner starts to form bubbles. Slowly apply light pressure to the brush so the lather works deeper into the spots and penetrates the stain. Be careful with the amount of pressure that you added to the brush. If you use too much, you will lead to damages under the fabric. This helps easily to remove the stains from dirt or regular wear. This is how you can clean a car headliner.

Wipe the spot with a dry microfiber towel

Take the towel and hold it against the firm area to absorb the cleaner. Rub the towel in small circles around the stain to help lift it off of the surface.